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Note: As far as the information below is escort-agency specific info, we have left this info here for you as it may be handy for you in your contact with self-employed boys. Active escort services are no longer offered by us, instead we have built in our knowledge and experience in the Direct section of this website (Self-employed boys), so you can benefit from our extensive experience.

Booking an escort with self-employed boys

Is booking an escort scary?
No, booking an escort is no such thing. Booking an escort is rather very easy, as you don't have to go and look forever to find a nice guy, which, if you found one, always leaves the question open if he would leave the moment you want him to. If you book someone for say 1 or 2 hours, an escortboy will leave after the time you booked him, nor will he be in front of your door at some point.

Many people find it rather convenient that the moment you would like someone there, you can have someone there, and once you want him to leave so he does.

The moment you start looking for your ideal escort, always ask yourself what you're really looking for. It's important to us that the guy arriving at your door is really what you're looking for, so it won't hurt if you are extensive with your preferences. We built ourselves a name with our matchmaking ability, now built into our websites. But your help is needed here, for if one doesn't know matching won't be that easy.

So let's see, it would be nice if you tell the boy in advance if you would like him to be a bottom or a top; if you don't care if he's top or bottom, then please, do say so. Or do you want someone touching you a lot? Just ask. Or do you want an excellent kisser? Just ask to be sure. Would you like a real masculine guy, or someone feminine? Let the boy know.

Handy checklist:
  • sex: would you like the boy to be a top or bottom or do you prefer both ways?
  • is it important for you that the boy actually comes? (although we can never guarantee that for a 100%)
  • would you like to get a blowjob?
  • is kissing important to you or you want someone cuddling?
  • you most fancy blond, dark, 18 or 25 (etc)
  • would you like someone to also have a nice chat with, would you like someone to show you around the city, or don't you care about that, and are just looking for good sex?

  • With this you make it a lot easier to get what you're looking for. Searching for your ideal boys can be done in our members area.

    And if the boy arriving at your door is not what you were looking for? Then always be gentle and friendly.
    Just say for ex 'your're cute, but not really my type'. If you refuse a boy, you should get him at least the travel fee, as the boy did have to come to you.
    More info with some tips on this can be found here.

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