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Note: As far as the information below is escort-agency specific info, we have left this info here for you as it may be handy for you in your contact with self-employed boys. Active escort services are no longer offered by us, instead we have built in our knowledge and experience in the Direct section of this website (Self-employed boys), so you can benefit from our extensive experience.

Terms of use People On Line

This site is owned by People Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and will be maintained to our best possibilities. http://www.peoplemale.com. 

The boys you'll find are boys who advertise they can visit you. You may use the pictures for your personal use only; by applying for an account, you agree not to distributethe boys' pictures in any way, be that electronic, printed or otherwise, nor may you showthe pictures in any public forum, without the written permission of the owner of both the pictures and thissite; you also agree to our terms as mentioned hereby, and that the information you supply is your own (e.g. your private email address, etc).

The data you supply, will be kept strictly confidential, and shall not be used for any other purpose. Credit card details you might provide to get credits, are only supplied to our PSP, and never to us. None of the information you supply, be that e-mail address or else, will be re-distributed in any way. The software you may download or the pictures you may see, are offered at an as=is basis, and are to be accepted as such. We do not accept any liabilities concerning the contents of the offered materials, nor can we accept any liabilities concerning the status of the server our site is running on. The restricted access-possibilities are to protect the boys identities; therefore, access to any of the boys pictures is not freely accessible. If you apply for access, you agree to respect this, and agree to our terms. If you don't agree to our terms, you are free not to apply for access and not to consult our site. Purchased credits are valid for at least one year after date of purchase.

All the material you may find on this site, is owned by People Amsterdam, or the respective copyright owners. You may use this material for you own personal use ONLY. You may not use it any other way, nor may you distribute any of the materials. Copy of any parts of the lay-out and/ or material is strictly forbidden. The use and/ or the consultation of information on this site is your own free personal choice. The views and/ or opinions given are our own, and are to be interpreted as such. The opinion of the user of this site is not to be regarded as being ours.

We have gone to the utmost trouble to assure the security of the restricted-access areas; we cannot however, accept any liabilities concerning any omissions.By using your credit card with our PSP you agree to be the one and rightfull owner of this card. You agree not to distribute any information given to you.

Purchased credits remain valid for the time you desire; no refund is given though.
Transactions are always confirmed to you by e-mail too. The maximum term hereafter to oppose is another 7 working days. Opposing can be done by regular e-mail (that is, if all your details match) at assist@people.nl, or even, by regular mail to NMP internet, P.o. box 76613, 1070 HE Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Please realize that the information offered may be subject to change without further notice.

People is an international registered trade mark.

As to the services we provide, one should realize that we do promote and provide contact info only. We are not an escort agency but show self-employed boys only.

Juridical problems are to be delt with according to the law of the Netherlands; in case of any disputes, the Court in The Netherlands will be accepted as the only judge by both parties.

We welcome your comments. Please send them to company@peoplemale.com.

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As to the services we provide, one should realize that we do promote and provide contact info only.

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